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boost health: Hypothyroid & Hashimoto's Diary

With Boost Health you can record your underactive thyroid symptoms, log your lifestyle, such as diet and physical activity; as well as your thyroid blood tests, such as TSH, fT3, fT4, rT3, TPO and TG antibodies. You can set reminders to take medication on time and get the latest peer-reviewed scientific information on the thyroid, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.

Made by scientists and patients for patients

We are scientists and patients and we work together to empower people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s to take full control of own health. We use data and biomedical science to give personal insights about symptoms and health.

Our goal is to raise the awareness on autoimmune diseases, create unique strategies to manage the condition and ultimately prevent health complications. This will make us all stay healthier in a long-term.
We will reach our goal by assisting you in a discovery of own unique patterns of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.

Team Member
Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor

CEO and co-founder

Team Member
Dr. Mikael Högqvist Tabor

Co-founder and CTO

Team Member
Pelle (Per) Almquist

Engineer and CPO

Team Member
Lorenzo Cercelletta

Product Design

Team Member
Lisa Kennelly

Marketing and growth advisor

Team Member
Dr. Vishnu Sundaresh, MD

Thyroid health expert

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  • "Now I have more control over my disease!

    I can reflect my living and how I structured my day and my week. Thank you!"

  • "I think this is awesome!

    You should share with everyone! Especially me! I can't wait to see what else you are planning!"

  • "I appreciate the newsletter!

    I would like to say that I appreciate the newsletter and the scientific references; it seems the knowledge among general practice medical doctors is quite random."

  • "I can't state how incredible your work is!

    I discovered that I have this disease 6 months ago but I have the symptoms for several years. That's the first time I have the feeling I can improve my condition. Your bot is excellent!!"

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we are building

a meaningful solution for living with autoimmune diseases

Our mission is to empower patients to take control over their health.


as one of our roots

Make all the patients feel better through providing them access to easily understandable, yet science-backed information.

Our blog Boosted


the unknowns

Enabling you to log and overview your every day symptoms and experiences. You can ask thyroid related questions too.



with broad impact

Make patient powered research possible. Help you participate in the research you care about and benefit from.

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Managing Director

Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor

HRB 182613

Amstgericht Berlin Charlottenburg


Pufendorfstrasse 7

10249 Berlin


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